Welcome to designers.co.za

Welcome to designers.co.za

Welcome to all designers and prospective design students! We hope you will find the information on the site useful and that it will serve as an ongoing guide as your career develops. We also hope you can help us build the site into an even bigger directory of suppliers and education providers or that you will add your own advice for designers.

About Us

Designers.co.za was created to serve designers in all industries. We are trying to show prospective designers the wide scope of opportunities and explain how to prepare for a successful career. For established designers we collected advice and information to further your career and inspire you to grow and connect.

Design Professions

Designing is much more than just drawing clothes and decor. We discovered a whole world of exciting jobs for people who want to be creative, original and pioneering.

Skills and Qualifications

Even a very talented designer needs a solid education and a variety of complementing skills in order to compete in today’s market. We’ll discuss the general requirements and suggest where and how you can obtain a qualification.

Opportunities for designers

Designs cannot showcase and sell themselves. Where will you apply your skills and talents? You need to know where and how to look for job opportunities and how to grow your client base for your designing career to thrive. Besides full time employment, we also discuss owning your own business and the option of working as a freelance designer.


These colleges offer courses that are of a very high standard and represent a wide range of subjects.


Interesting Info

Would you like to know more about our partners and how they can help you? We recommend their services with the utmost confidence, so visit them to put them to the test yourself!