South African Education Providers

By law, every provider of education must be registered with the Department of Education (DOE) to operate as a public, private or higher/further education and training institution. This is for quality as-surance, accountability and improvements in program quality. Look for their registration certificate when you choose your school, college or university.

Further Education and Training (FET)

Further Education and Training (FET) institutions provide education for grades 10 to 12 in public and independent schools, as well as in public and private FET colleges.

Detailed information on FET college programmes, qualifications and contact details of colleges are available on the Department's website. Visit

Higher Education and Training (HET) The Department of Higher Education and Training deals with universities and post-school education and training providers. Higher Education and Training, or tertiary education, includes education for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, certificates and diplomas, up to the level of the doctoral degree.

A Matric endorsement is required when you wish to study for university degrees, with a minimum of three subjects passed at the higher as opposed to standard grade, although some universities set additional academic requirements. A standard South African senior certificate when you complete school is sufficient for technical qualifications and diplomas.

Department of Higher Education and Training
Call Centre Number: 012 312 5878 • Fax: 012 323 8817/9838
Register of Private Higher Education Institutions.

Distance learning

A growing number of designers choose distance learning as their preferred method for gaining qualifications and skills.

Some of the advantages are that you can continue working without interruption while you study. Distance learning has reversed the dynamics of learning: instead of the student going to school, the school now comes to the student. Please visit for more information.

We also recommend one of our sponsor colleges for accredited distance learning courses:
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