Different types of Designers:

The following list of design types is by no means complete. With new technologies and new industries emerging, new types of designers are emerging every day in areas like software, industrial products, medicine and environmental science.

Types of design

Designer entrepreneur

Designers have the DNA to be entrepreneurs and starting your own business can be done relatively risk free. You can easily work on your personal design projects in your spare time without quitting your day job to do so. Once you have brought your design into the market, you can then decide if you want to be a full-time design entrepreneur.

The following steps should help you with this process:

- Decide whether you offer general or specialised design services. One of the first things you should do when you start a design business, is to decide if you want to specialise in one area of design or work with clients that have a variety of design needs. For example, some design businesses only specialise in producing graphics or publications, while others take a more general approach and adapt to designing whatever their customer needs.

- Find a location for your business. A design business can be run from your own home if you have the right skills and business in place to make it succeed. However, if you will be working with clients in your area and need a place to meet with them, you will most likely want to find a different location to run your office and business from.

- Register your business since this can prevent additional hassles or potential legal problems down the road.

- Market and advertise your services to potential clients. Although it is possible to spread the word about your design business to the mass media, you may find that networking with local companies and business owners proves more profitable for your business.


Freelancers can work on a contract base for a variety of companies or clients and have the freedom to pick and choose projects or assignments and who they want to be associated with.

Freelancing is becoming an increasingly popular career choice and job opportunities are easier to find than ever before. The internet has broadened the client base to international customers and finding freelance opportunities can be as simple as browsing online job boards.

The secret to finding steady work is to build a satisfied client base who will be happy to recommend your work to others. Make the most of every contact and use every available option for finding freelance web design job opportunities. Please also consider www.safrea.co.za - the South African Freelancer's Association.

- Seek local clients
Many freelance designers prefer to find local clients through marketing efforts. You can find local clients by calling local professionals and businesses. Some freelancers use a marketing kit that includes a mailer, brochure and even press releases.

- Browse online job boards
There are many different types of job boards online, ranging from exclusive freelance job sites to corporate job boards. By visiting job boards focused only on freelance work, finding work as a freelancer is usually easier.

- Use bidding sites
These sites work a bit like an auction, except that the job is not automatically awarded to the lowest bidder. An employer posts a freelance web design job, and freelance website designers bid on the job by quoting a price for the project. An advantage of bidding sites is that most allow those seeking freelance web design job opportunities to fill out a portfolio page listing areas of expertise and other details so that employers can come to them.

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