Design Professions

To design means to create or execute something in an artistic or highly skilled manner. A Designer is anyone who creates, plans or constructs anything tangible or intangible.

The term "designer" is used broadly and can refer to a wide variety of different career types. A designer is in charge of coming up with an idea and creating the visual arrangement of a project, whether it's a new web site, a product's packaging, an art exhibit or an airliner.

Different types of Designers:

The following list of design types is by no means complete. With new technologies and new industries emerging, new types of designers are emerging every day in areas like software, industrial products, medicine and environmental science.

Types of design

Different types of Designers:

Commercial Environment Designer: An environment designer creates a setting that welcomes people and instils a feeling that they cannot leave without taking some of it with them. These designers are employed to design building lobbies, store interiors, offices, or any other interior setting designed to create a mood.

Doll Fashion Designer: These designers create fashions that are part of entire seasonal lines for dolls and action figures. Their products are usually sold in brochures or in hobby stores.

Environment Designer: Environment design utilises a variety of designing skills and theories including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design to make employees feel more productive and relaxed.

Event Designer: Event Designers create and develop festivals and events. Since no two parties or festivals are ever alike, each event will be uniquely designed by an event designer.

Exhibit Designer: These professionals work in teams to design, plan and oversee the construction of exhibits and three-dimensional displays. Their services are used to make shop displays more attractive to buyers, and to create visual displays for companies to use at job fairs and other business functions.

Industrial Designer: These designers create the industrial products used by people and businesses on a daily basis, ranging from car parts and plastic ware to parts of ships, building materials and jet engines.

Prosthetic Technician: Prosthetists design, build and fit replacement limbs such as arms, legs, hands or feet for patients who have had limbs amputated. The appliances are called prostheses. These technicians may also design orthoses, devices used to enhance the performance of existing limbs. An example of this is orthopaedic insoles.

Software Designer: A software designer takes the customer's specifications for a piece of software and designs the programming, including testing and installation.

Interaction Designer: An interaction designer practices the designing of interactive digital products, environments, systems and services.

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